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Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir

Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir - Eddie Huang I'll give two stars because of the honest look at life that the first half or so the book offered. A nice, if bit awkward, kid dealing with other people's misconceptions and outright racism. He had heart and stubbornness to get through the bad times and then bam...

Eddie Huang screams against racism by becoming openly racist, violent and appropriating black culture. If that's not enough he goes in to a downward spiral of crime, hated of anything white and laughs or gloats about all the people he's hurting. Seriously.

In the end Huang is lucky to somehow get a second rate tv show out of this whole thing because his frat boy douchebag personality isn't going to last him long. I do hope he can keep up his food hustle but I don't know how anyone can get anything out of this book other than
"kid rages against stereotype by becoming another racial stereotype then using it to berate stereotypes".

There are people comparing Eddie Huang to Lisa See and Amy Tan? Seriously? They're not my usual taste either but at least they can spin a narrative. All Huang can do is spread racist rhetoric and use his parent's abuse and other people as excuses for his behavior.